Helping you reduce product design costs, eliminate expensive rework, and deliver safe, reliable and compliant products to market.

As technology grows, laws and regulations defining product compliance constantly change. Manufacturers, retailers and suppliers are pressed to innovate quickly in order to create and maintain compliant products.

Regulations governing product compliance evolve to ensure that products do not represent harm or hazards to users and will perform as intended according to applicable standards. Implementing practices that address compliance considerations throughout the entire product development lifecycle can minimize design errors, reduce time to market and reduce costs prior to product release.

Our suite of Compliance Assistance solutions help you implement best practices and compliance considerations throughout product design to mitigates risks, alert you to potential compliance concerns throughout a product’s lifecycle, and increases your chances of compliance without multiple rounds of testing and product redesigns.

Compliance Assistance Solutions:

Our suite of compliance assistance solutions help you determine if your proposed production techniques will meet requirements, understand the hazards to consider during component selection, and avoid common design flaws before your product hits production. Our compliance experts will perform a detailed review of your product that includes:

  • Initial technical assessment
  • Standards choice & interpretation assistance
  • Customized test plan development
  • Identification of potential noncompliance issues
  • Evaluation of proposed production techniques
  • Review of drawings, manuals, BOMs, and schematics


Lunch-time Review

MET offers a free lunchtime review for manufacturers, in which our subject matter experts from each discipline explain testing requirements, provides product review and identifies any obvious deficiencies.

This is an opportunity for you to become fully aware of the test standards to which your product will be subjected. The knowledge gained in this review will save you time and money throughout the testing and certification process.



Technical Training & Resources

MET offers valuable training opportunities through our “Compliance College” events and “Compliance Today” knowledge center to help you navigate compliance complexities worldwide as they apply your industry/products.

Our technical training events, white papers, and expert articles are an opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge into worldwide best practices in compliance from some of the world’s foremost experts in testing, inspection, and certification.


Maximize your product lifecycle

With the accelerating pace of technology, a single design error can cause manufacturers to miss ideal market entry timeframes and be outpaced by competitors, increasing production costs and limiting market share. As new technologies continue to drive standards’ progression and inspire market growth, we continue to commit ourselves to providing the global marketplace with expert compliance solutions. If compliance is not engineered in from the start, expect to endure major delays as the product is redesigned, jeopardizing time to market and product viability; significant extra costs for rework and increased product cost and possibly even team dissension.

MET Laboratories has 60 years of experience in electrical product testing and has certified thousands of products for sale in international markets. We’ve seen common design flaws, production errors and are prepared to help you meet your time-to-market deadlines. Our engineers and compliance experts can provide detailed explanations of testing requirements and standards to help you understand the specifics of your product and associated testing. From a free lunch time review to detailed design assessments and customized seminars, MET will review your products and processes to determine that they align with industry best practices.